Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dear Mr!

Promotional work for a comedy show playing up at the Edinburgh fringe festival. 

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Central Saint Martins Degree Show

This was the first Graphic Design show that I had visited out of the UAL bunch and was very impressed. CSM have certainly set the bar very high. 

There was a lot of conceptual work on show and very well crafted pieces of work that you could really take your time over. It was, however clear that the show was a student show and although there were a few cases when the finish of work could have been just a tiny bit better, in general the design work was extremely well accomplished.

The illustration work really impressed me the most though. Whereas the design work was, in areas, not quite finished to a professional level, the illustration work was anything but. I had no problem picturing their work in a professional environment. Top notch.

Really interesting and thoughtful work by Steve Hickery. Bellow.

Other Great Work.....

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wimbledon Fine Art Degree Show

Took a trip to the deep south last night to check out the wimbledon fine art show.

There was some great work and it was refreshing to see something other than graphic design. I definitely noticed some cross overs with illustration though and I did spot a few things that wouldn't have looked out of place at an LCC show. 

It would be great to collaborate with a fine artist in some future projects as the line dividing the disciplines seems to be bluring more and more. 

Stand out work for me was Ben Webb's performance work - continuous drum roll. 
The piece centered around a single drummer dressed in black, entering a room and playing a snare drum for fifteen minutes before leaving.  The work aims to explore sound, space and environment and how we are made to feel in different situations/spaces.



Other nice stuff...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Village Green

Just finished interning with Village Green Studio. 

Sad to leave to be honest, I've really enjoyed my time there and they've let me work on some great stuff. 

Photos bellow are part of the Fabric Poster archive I was working on and the Photo shoot for July's Fabric Poster that involved covering my head with an awful lot of paint. Cant show you the final result yet but when it's out I'll try and stick it up here.